What Is Psa Marriage Contract

PSA Marriage Contract: An Overview

Getting married is an exciting milestone in one’s life. It’s a time when two people commit to spending the rest of their lives together. However, before the wedding bells can ring, it’s essential for couples to secure a marriage contract.

In the Philippines, obtaining a marriage contract is a legal requirement. This document serves as proof that a couple has entered into a legal union. The Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) is responsible for issuing marriage contracts, also known as a Marriage Certificate.

What is a PSA Marriage Contract?

A PSA Marriage Contract is a document that contains essential information about a couple’s wedding. It indicates the full names of both the bride and the groom, their ages, occupations, and residence. It will also identify the date and the place where the wedding took place.

The PSA Marriage Contract serves as a legal confirmation of the marriage’s validity. It is an essential document for any couple since it is required by government agencies, financial institutions, and other entities for various legal transactions.

The Importance of a PSA Marriage Contract

A PSA Marriage Contract is necessary for couples who plan to apply for legal benefits as a married couple. These benefits can include getting a joint bank account, applying for a joint loan, or filing for health insurance as a couple. It is also necessary for changing a surname or other legal transactions that require proof of marriage.

Furthermore, in case of death or divorce, a PSA Marriage Contract serves as proof of the marriage. It is crucial for settling any legal disputes that may arise, especially when it comes to property rights and inheritance.

How to Obtain a PSA Marriage Contract

Couples can obtain their PSA Marriage Contract in several ways. They can request it online through the PSA’s e-Census portal or go in person to the PSA office. They can also apply through the local civil registrar where their wedding took place, or through an authorized PSA Serbilis Center.

When applying for a PSA Marriage Contract, the couple must submit certain requirements, such as a copy of their marriage license, valid government-issued IDs, and other necessary documents.


A PSA Marriage Contract is a vital document for any married couple. It serves as a legal proof of marriage and is essential for various legal transactions. Obtaining a PSA Marriage Contract is a straightforward process, and couples can choose to get it online or in person. It is important to keep this document safe, as it will be necessary for settling any legal disputes in the future.