Interline Baggage Agreement United

Interline Baggage Agreement United: Everything You Need to Know

As a traveler, you`re likely aware of how important luggage handling is in ensuring a hassle-free trip. The last thing you`d want is to arrive at your destination but not your bags. And while baggage handling is primarily the responsibility of your airline carrier, certain arrangements can make it easier for you to check in your luggage across multiple flights and carriers. This is where interline baggage agreements come in, and one of the most popular air carriers that offer this service is United Airlines.

What is an Interline Baggage Agreement?

An interline baggage agreement is a contract between two or more airlines to handle baggage transfer between each other. This is particularly helpful for passengers who need to transfer to another airline mid-journey, as it removes the hassle of having to collect their bags, check them in again and go through security checkpoints multiple times. Instead, the passenger`s luggage is transferred to their next flight without any hassle.

Interline baggage agreements are common among major airlines, and United Airlines is one of the pioneers in this area. United Airlines has interline baggage agreements with over 30 airlines, which means that passengers can easily transfer their bags to their next flight with minimum fuss. The interline baggage agreement United has made travel a lot more convenient for passengers.

How Does the United Interline Baggage Agreement Work?

If you are traveling on an itinerary that includes multiple carriers, your luggage can still be checked through to your final destination if the airlines have an interline agreement in place. This means that your luggage will be transferred from one airline to another without you having to collect them and check them in again. For instance, if you have a flight with United Airlines to New York and then transfer to a flight with Air Canada to Montreal, your luggage will be transferred to your final destination, and you won`t have to worry about collecting it in New York.

To take advantage of the interline baggage agreement United offers, you need to ensure that all flights on your itinerary are on participating airlines. When you check in your luggage, make sure to inform the agent that you`re traveling on an interline itinerary, and they`ll ensure that your luggage is tagged, and you`re issued with the necessary boarding passes. It`s essential to double-check with airline representatives that your bag will be checked all the way through to your final destination.

Why Use the Interline Baggage Agreement United Offers?

United`s interline baggage agreement is a significant benefit to passengers for several reasons. Firstly, it saves time and minimizes the risk of losing luggage by having bags transferred without the need for re-checking or claiming baggage. Secondly, it`s cost-effective as passengers don`t have to pay fees for checking in luggage multiple times, which could be costly. Additionally, it reduces the stress associated with traveling as passengers can rest assured that their bags will make it to their final destination, even if there are multiple carriers involved.


United Airlines has made traveling easier for passengers by offering an interline baggage agreement with over 30 airlines. This means that passengers can transfer luggage between airlines without any hassle, saving time and money. Whether you`re traveling for business or pleasure, the interline baggage agreement United offers can make your life a lot easier. So, the next time you`re traveling, check if your airlines have an interline baggage agreement and take advantage of this convenient service.