Activities to Teach Subject Verb Agreement to Grade 2

Subject-verb agreement is an essential aspect of grammar that students need to master at an early age. It is crucial for them to understand how the subject and verb of a sentence work together to form a coherent sentence. Grade 2 is the perfect time to start teaching students about subject-verb agreement.

Here are some activities to help teach subject-verb agreement to grade 2 students.

1. Subject and Verb Identification:

The first step in teaching subject-verb agreement is to help students identify the subject and verb of a sentence. Start by showing students examples of sentences and explaining that every sentence has a subject and a verb. Ask students to identify the subject and verb of each sentence, emphasizing that the verb must agree with the subject.

2. Fill in the Blanks:

Give students a list of sentences with missing verbs. Ask them to fill in the blanks with the appropriate verb to match the subject. For example, “The cat _______ on the mat” – the verb should be “sits” to match the singular subject “cat.”

3. Subject-Verb Matching Game:

Make a game out of subject-verb agreement! Create cards with subjects and verbs and have students match them together to form a sentence. For example, one card might say “The bird” and another card might say “sings.” The student would match them together to form the sentence “The bird sings.”

4. Circle the Correct Verb:

Provide sentences with multiple verb choices, and ask students to circle the correct verb that matches the subject. For example, “The dogs (barks, bark) loudly.” The correct verb is “bark” since there are multiple dogs, making the subject plural.

5. Subject-Verb Agreement Writing Practice:

Finally, practice makes perfect! Provide sentences with incorrect subject-verb agreement and ask students to rewrite the sentence with the correct agreement. For example, “The boy run to school” would become “The boy runs to school” since the subject “boy” is singular and needs a singular verb.

In conclusion, teaching subject-verb agreement to grade 2 students is essential to develop their language skills. It is crucial to use various activities to help students understand the concept of subject-verb agreement. These activities will make grammar fun and engaging, helping students learn the basics of grammar.